Lord works in mysterious ways

I have been a stay at home mom since December 23, 2011; when I was let go from my job of 5 years. I was blessed to have seen my end coming, and was ready and prepared for my new adventure. Now being a stay at home mom was never in my vocabulary, I would have NEVER thought that this would be were I was today! I always thought that I was going to have to work, and my daughter was going to daycare, then elementary school. That was how it was in my house growing up, so that is what I was going to have to do too. Who knew the Lord had other plans for me.

I am so thankful that the Lord wanted me to take this route. I always told my husband I wish we could have more family time, go to church more, and grow in the Lord more. It was difficult to do all that with my job, since I was a manager of a retail store. Now I get my family time, we go to church every weekend and I’m able to help out in the nursery! We get to do all the things I told my husband I wish we could do. What a Blessing!!

This journey of me being home has been a hard one. I have had my times when I’m like why can’t I hear your voice father? Father, I feel like I need to do more with my time at home, but I do not know what that is? One day, as I’m telling all this to my cousin, she tells me “Tiff, He is talking to you, you are just NOT listening to Him.” Wow! is the only thing I could say or think! All this time I’m thinking Why, when he WAS talking to me, I just wasn’t paying attention. So, from that day on, anytime I thought the Lord spoke something to me I investigated that thought. I didn’t let myself think that wasn’t Him anymore! As I’m still learning how to discern His voice from the voice of the enemy, I know and understand what I was doing wrong.

After my cousin helped me with this realization, I felt in my heart I needed to start a blog. I needed to tell my story and journey with the Lord. I confided with a friend who helped me figure out, yes it is the Lord and this is what he wants me to do, so here I am! Writing my first post, on my new blog, on my new adventure. I am so ready for what God has planned for me. My blog is going to be geared towards my walk with Christ, and how I overcome obstacles with the help of our wonderful Heavenly Father! I follow quite a few blogs, and these ladies are Wonderful ladies, they have Great things to say about God and our walk with him, but they have been doing this a while. I haven’t found someone who is new at Really walking with the Lord so, I hope that my journey and writing about my journey can help someone else see the light. Walking with the Lord is hard, but it is the most rewarding path you could EVER take! What waits for you in the end is worth everything!


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