Visit with my Fabulous Uncle and Aunt!

Over the weekend my family went to go visit my uncle and aunt. It has been a while since i’ve seen them so I was really looking forward to this quick trip. It also was the first time my uncle and aunt has spent any length of time with my daughter, and I FINALLY got to meet my new little cousin(Raylynn).

Lily, my daughter, had so much fun playing, and swimming. By the time she got comfortable she was calling my uncle, papa, which is what Raylynn calls him. When we went to dinner, Lily even had to ride in the truck with papa, and Raylynn. But one of my favorite things about Saturday was my talk with my Uncle Donny.

My uncle Donny is a wonderful man of God! I remember plenty of times when I would ask my mom something about the bible and she would say something Donny told her. With me just figuring out how to walk a Godly lifestyle and look to him with my everything; I knew I NEEDED to talk to him, God Wanted me to talk to him.

While we were at his house the perfect moment came along when everyone was leaving the room but my Uncle so I seized the opportunity and sat down next to him to talk. I really wish I could of had a tape recorder so I could playback everything that was said. But I do want to talk about a few key points that I remember.

First is about tithing. He mentioned that you should tithe whatever it is you can tithe. The bible says 10% but at times that is not possible, so do what you can and stick to it. God loves a person who has a giving heart and will give back to you 30, 60, 100 fold. Now this is something that I do believe in and I do tithe, but I do not tithe as much as I would like. I have had a feeling lately that we need to tithe a little more, and I believe this is God’s was of reaffirming that feeling!!

Second is you need to seek God with your WHOLE heart!!! Another thing that I am learning to do and trying to do but God is saying Tiffany you need to try harder!!! He said it is a rewarding path to follow God’s footsteps. The more you seek Him with your whole heart, the more the enemy isn’t going to like it. Quick story, while my uncle was at a bible study the teacher told him that the enemy knows his name so be careful (basically). My uncle was honored because in the bible it says, two men were trying to drive our a demon and the demon said “I know Paul’s name and I know Jesus name, but I do not know your name.” Wow! How powerful is it that the enemy knows my Uncles name!

The last point I will talk about is family. He told me that I was doing a great job with Lily, and to keep going to church. The more that i seek God and the more that I run after Him with my whole heart, the more that Lily will also be blessed. Also, the more Godly values that I instill in Lily, the more likely she will not sway from the path. “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” Proverbs 22:6, NIV. There is always one in a family who will stand up again the enemy and be the strong one and he said that is me and he’s proud of me!

My talk with my Uncle Donny meant so much to me, and I know that it all came from God and it was Exactly what I needed to hear.


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