Unexpected gift from above

Today has been a normal day, besides the fact I have a cold and my colitis or whatever it is, is acting up. I have what I want to cook for dinner set out, my daughter and the other girl I watch are playing, and I’m attempting to clean. 4:00 comes around so I go to the mailbox to see what is in their today. I love signing up for free samples, so it’s always exciting to see if there are any freebies. I open up the mailbox and inside is a card addressed to me with no return address. Normally if you see no return address it is junk, but this card is different, someone posted a stamp to it and wrote my address. I open the card and inside the beautiful card it’s written For Lily God Bless with a Wal-Mart gift card. I immediately call my mom, but she didn’t answer, so I called my husband and to my surprise he answered. I tell him the story and he doesn’t know who sent the card, nor does my mom (they work at the same place). I do not recognize the handwriting and have NO clue who sent this card! NONE! I started crying because I was so overwhelmed with emotions. I really just want to go hug the person who sent this card and tell them how much I appreciate it, how much it means to me that they would give Lily a gift card! I have been wanting to get Lily a swimsuit that actually fits, since she no longer wears diapers during the day, YAY, just haven’t had the money. It also would be nice to get her a couple more sundresses, so she doesn’t have to wear the same 3 over and over. Now, Lily can go pick out some dresses, and a swimsuit!

I’m still in shock, especially since our financial situation is tight. How someone knew that Lily needed stuff is beyond me! I just have to thank God above, because it is HIM who told this person to send us this gift card! HE deserves ALL of the Praise and Glory! I thank you Jesus and person who sent this card from the bottom of my heart I thank you! I just told Lily and she said “Wow really that was nice thank you,” with her giggles and jumps in between words!

The inside says: And now i commend you to God and His care. Acts 20:32

May your heart and faith take you to places you’ve never imagined.

God bless the person!!



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