Uhmm, Honey, I think I broke the dryer

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I have this lime green chenille blanket that I love and it recently found a new home over a chair in our living room. My husband does not like this blanket because it sheds, you brush up against it and little green fibers fall off. Well, having a love for this blanket I just keep the area swept to pease my husband and it works! He doesn’t have to look at little green fibers all over the floor and I get to keep my Wonderful Lime Green blanket drapped across the chair. It is a win-win situation, haha.

Well, Tuesday my daughter decides that she is cold and wraps the blanket around her, in turn spilling juice and syrup on it. So of course, it gets thrown into the dirty clothes hamper. Well on Thursday I decided that I wanted to wash some towels with this blanket, not thinking of the fact that it sheds! So i put it in the washer, start it up and go about my business. Washer dings, so I go to switch the towels and blanket, and little green fibers are all over my washer. UGH, oh no so i clean out the washer really good and start the dryer. Well, this is where I really made a boo-boo, I put the blanket in the dryer. Yes, I know what you are  probably thinking, but at the time I was not thinking, obviously! Like I normally do, I got busy making dinner, playing with Lily, and doing everything else except remember about the dryer.

Finally a couple of hours later, I remember that clothes needed to be folded and when I opened the dryer, OH MY was there a mess. I think while this blanket was drying, all those tiny fibers that fall off, had a party and made a whole other blanket. I pulled out the dryer vent thing, and it was Overflowing with this whole other blanket/fiber material stuff. It is down inside under where the vent goes, its Everywhere. You pull a towel out, shake it, and tons of little fibers go flying! My first thought was OH NO I’ve done ruin the fan motor, Evan’s gonna have to take the dryer apart AGAIN all because I was not thinking! (let me explain, about a month or so ago, when i was washing a load of my husbands clothes, i forget to put the dryer vent in and a sock got sucked up into the dryer and he had to take it apart to get the sock out!! yeah Evan wasn’t very happy, lol) So, I go inside and I tell Evan, Uhmm… Honey… I think you need to come see! He goes outside and starts laughing, looks at me and goes what were you thinking? This blankets sheds did you not think it would multiple when dried all while laughing. He goes and cleans up all of my mess, gets all the stuff out of the dryer and everything! When he was done he looked at me and calmly (while not trying to laugh) said, Honey please do not  put that blanket in the dryer, and next time think uhmm is this a good thing to put in the dryer or not, I love you.

I quickly said THANK YOU LORD for a forgiving and understand husband! I am super blessed with a husband who talks everything out, and doesn’t get mad very easily, but still it could have gone very different! I think it is important to have good communication in a relationship, talk things out, and have a heart that is understanding! My husband understands how I think and does things and when accidents happen, like it did with the blanket, he just laughs it off instead of getting angry! What a blessed wife I am!

Joyfully His,