The Lord is my strength

Picture doesn’t have much to do with blog, just Love that peanut butter smile!

Today I am flooded with emotions. I drug myself out of bed, made my coffee, and went to my spot on the couch to read and pray. In the midst of my praying all I could think about was my Uncle Donny, my granny, and some other people. I tried to pray for my family first but it just was not happening, so I went through prayed for every person that came to my mind. Of course, like always, just as I’m finishing my praying my Lily wakes up. This morning all I wanted to do was hold her tight and not let go. I have so many emotions and thoughts racing through my head that she is my safe place. She is my place, when my husband is at work, that I go to and just hold and pray silently and know that everything will be okay. But today, I just am not sure about anything, to be quite frank. I really just want to crawl back in bed, put on a movie that Lily wants to watch and not do Anything today!

My Uncle Donny has been on my mind a lot lately. He has Leukemia, and just started Chemo last week. Everyday, multiple times a day, I pray for him. I pray for him to be healed, to have peace, for the pain and suffering to go away, and I pray for God’s will to be worked out in his life. That is all I can do is pray and believe whole-heartedly in my prayers and what I ask God for. My Uncle is such a wonderful man of God, and someone who I could sit and talk to for hours. I know that day will come when I can sit again with him and talk with him, it just waiting for that day to come!

Then my cousin sent me a message on Facebook, yesterday, saying that our Granny was in the hospital because she had a stroke Monday Night/Tuesday Morning, and was not doing very well. Come to find out that the Doctors are not sure if she had a mini stroke, or her meds just got messed up. This woman is 80 years old, and I do not know how much more she can endure. She is stable now, so hopefully she will continue to get better, but once again all I can do is pray.

The two verses that has been coming to me is Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well, and 1 Corinthians 10:31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. I think these two verses are a perfect fit for everything that is going on my in my life personally. This is something that I need to ask God to help me with, because I cannot do anything without Him. I do not want to worry anymore, I do not want to be anxious anymore, I want to live a life full of God and knowing that everything that is happening is happening because it is going to make me stronger. I do think this morning was a test from the enemy, and he is trying to bring me down and squish my faith, but I WILL NOT let that happen. A little saying I have on my bathroom mirror says, “A strong woman believes that she’s strong enough to face her journey… but a woman of strength has faith that it is in this journey that she will become strong.” I want to be the woman of strength that has FAITH and I read that daily to affirm that I am and am becoming the woman of Faith!

Joyfully His,



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