Do not give up, Keep seeking

For the past, at least, 10 years now I have known that I wanted to go on a mission trip. I wanted to go to a different country and help people and share Jesus with them. I have always “wanted” to go but I have never felt I was”good enough” to go. I have always gone to church, off and on, my whole life but I never really studied the bible, never dug deep, never known to much about him and how was I going to help someone when I needed help myself? This was the question that has plagued me for a while now, and a couple of months back I found peace with that desire. I know it is my calling to go on a mission trip, I know it is my calling to go and help people but right now is my time when I need to prepare myself. I need to dig into God’s word and submerge myself in Him so I can in turn help someone else find Him too! A couple of weekends ago at church, while I’m standing in line to get coffee, I had this feeling I need to go talk to the lady standing in front of the mission table. So, I pick up a flyer and head over and introduced myself. She told me that when she first saw me, she knew that I was going to be coming with them on a mission trip one day. She saw it all over my face, and she knows I will go one day! I almost started crying and told her how fabulous it is to know that what I thought was my calling, really is my calling. It is Fabulous how the Lord works and how he knew that I needed to hear those words!

Well, the past week, really Wednesday and Thursday, I have not really felt myself. When Friday morning came, and I was praying, I asked God for his will to be done in my life as it in his heaven. That I wanted to work out his will and I wanted to know that I was on the right path. I needed assurance that where I am at now and what I am doing now is what he wants me to do. I have been doubting it and not really sure of myself lately. When I got done praying and was getting ready for the day, I had an urge to turn on Pandora and listen to some music. Once again, our Father in Heaven is so great because he spoke to me through the music. Every song that I listened to, told me Tiffany you cannot do anything with your own strength, you NEED the Lord’s strength so Stop! When a person gives up his life for me, he actually gains life, so what are you waiting for? You are still scared, just FALL and I will catch you!! Tiffany you are doing my will and you just need to wait and be patient!!! Wow- how amazing is our God. How amazing it is that when I LISTEN to those little voices, instead of ignore them, that the Lord speaks to me! It may be through music or through a blog, but I do think he was trying to tell me something and I listened and it was Glorious!

My point is, If you are not sure of something, ask for assurance, ask for guidance, ask for help! He is waiting for you to ask! He may not give you a quick answer and you  may have to wait, but in HIs perfect timing He will reveal His answer to you! If you are not getting an answer don’t give up, keep asking, keep praying, whatever it may be, when His timing is perfect the answer will come!


Joyfully His,



One thought on “Do not give up, Keep seeking

  1. What a fellowship, what a joy divine, leaning on the everlasting arms, Leaning on Jesus, leaning on Jesus, leaning on the everlasting arms. You are a blessing!

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