Ready to Overcome and Break Free!

I am not sure how inspirational or uplifting my blog post is today, but it is something I feel that I need to write! I have two personal problems that I have dealt with since I can remember and I’m ready to break free!!!!! Both of these issues go hand in hand and I’m not sure if anyone around me is even aware of them, but I’m reading to confess my problems, ask the Lord for help, and Move Forward!!!!!

First I have a problem with going places with a big group of people. Heck even with just a small group of people! For example ill get an invite to go to dinner for someones birthday and this is what happens inside. I wanna go BUT I don’t know many people. I wanna go but I’m just scared. I wanna go but I don’t wanna feel awkward. Well maybe I wont go because nobody will care if I’m there anyway ill just stay home. That is the basic battle that goes on inside; it is a battle that gives me anxiety, nervous, shaky hands, you name it. I am Done with that battle! I’m ready to move past the silly games the enemy plays with my head and I’m ready to be Free in Jesus name!

Another issue I have I am the worlds worst at keeping in touch with people or even just making friends, heck keeping friends. I will complain to my husband that I don’t have any friends to do anything with that is close but yet making friends just scares the beegeesus out of me. I already have a HUGE problem with being myself around people. Not being myself on top of being Super shy gives me bad anxiety so the only way I know to deal with it is to not deal and make no friends. Bad cycle I know and I’m sick of this cycle and want to be FREE! I’ve broke free of a lot of issues and I’m ready for this to be another.

I know that if I believe what I pray and ask for then it has been done. I need to toss all my cares on Jesus and I can be free. I know all of that but when you have thought a certain way for 20+ years it is hard to “give it up” and not worry. But Father I am starting today, and I’m believing that my mindset has been changed! All things are possible when you have faith in the Father and I’m having Faith!!!!


3 thoughts on “Ready to Overcome and Break Free!

  1. I love it Tiffany. I have had that problem too. Pray and give it all to God. You are a beautiful, sweet and wonderful young woman and now just do what you said and let it go. God loves you and he knows how you feel.. Trust in him!!

  2. I understand your feelings of inferiority and shyness. When I was younger I felt that way. It is right for you to give it to God, but in order to change the thought process, you need to see yourself as God sees you; and really believe in yourself the way He believes in you. To do that, you should find the scriptures that speak to that subject, write them down and repeat them to yourself EVERYDAY several times a day. That will help you change your paradigm. Once you see yourself as God sees you, there will be no stopping you. I haven’t quoted scripture to you because it will be edifying to you to find them on your own. I will close with this though, “You were fearfully and wonderfully made,and God knows the plans He has for you, plans for your good and not calamity, to give you a future and hope.” From your writing you truly are a vitruous woman that shows the love and joy of the Lord. Blessings to you and your family.

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