Animal Clouds & those Joyous moments

As soon as dinner was over, my daughter grabbed my hand and said Momma come play with me outside please! How could I say no, especially when my husband was doing the dishes. We go outside and she loves to pretend there are fish coming and we have to drive the boat away. It is convenient that she has a wheel on a post, to use a steering wheel, lol. Well, soon the fish get so big we have to go into the tree house to get away. As we are sitting there waiting, Lily says momma look at all the clouds, so pretty. We soon were on our backs looking up trying to find animals in the clouds. We saw an alligator, donald duck, mickey mouse, a turtle, cow, elephant, and the list goes on. It was so peaceful, just watching the clouds go by, while Lily points out all the animals she sees. It is BeAutiful to just watch and think how Glorious our God is, and that he created All of this!

I think it is soooo important to take time out of our busy lives, to just sit and watch the clouds go by. To let our children use their imagination and just be a kid! To relax and just take in the beauty of the world that God created. We need to create these moments in our children’s lives. We need to create moments where we can just get down on their level and help create that Beautiful imagination of theirs. Lily has such a great imagination, and she can take anything and pretend that it is a baby, or animal. For example: we have this vine that grows on our back fence (can’t remember the name) but it creates these big seed pods (I guess you would call it that). Well Lily will take three and pretend she has a mom, dad, and a baby and play for hours with those seed pods. I think that is so important, to let our kids be kids and play and pretend and have NO cares at all.

This world we live in can be so busy, and can keep us on a Go-Go-Go kind of life. It is so easy to forget that we need to take time out to just Relax with our children and look at the beauty of the world. I thank God for this opportunity to be a stay at home mom, and that I can have this precious time with my daughter. It is Amazing and I would not change a THING! I know that God has me here to teach my daughter and I finally have the family time that I wished I had! How are you creating those joyous relaxing moments with your children?

Joyfully His,



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