Just Jump and He will catch you

I LOVE the summer time! I love everything about the summer; short, tank tops, swimming, boating, pool, beach, flowers, small afternoon rain showers, everything! Being a born and raised Florida girl here at the beach, I would So rather be in shorts and a shirt, or swimming somewhere than be cold! I dislike the cold with a passion. Now, that I stay home with my Lily, we have been going to the pool or beach at least once a week. Then on the weekend we go on my moms boat! Well, recently the weather has not been cooperating very well and it has been raining a lot! If it isn’t raining it just looks yucky, or is thundering because it is raining a little north of us. This is the longest stretch we’ve gone without going to the pool all summer. BUT today it is BEAUTIFUL and we finally made it to the pool.

When we got to the pool, I put the arm floats on Lily, and the ring around Taylor (the little girl I watch 3 days a week) and let them go. Every time we get in the water, I take a little time out and work with Lily on holding her breathe under water, and kicking her arms and legs to get her swimming. Each day she gets a tiny bit better. It has helped if I go swim under water and show Lily, so that way she will want to imitate me, haha. So, that is what I did today, and to my surprise she took her arm floats off and tried to swim under the water. She did not go very far but the fact that she, herself, decided I want to do it too and tried made me so happy! She would stand on the last step and jump and try to swim under the water, while i caught her. It was great! Well, so I thought.

Taylor decided she wanted to throw the ring in the pool and have me go get it and throw it back to her. Okay, that was fine I will play along with her. Eventually Lily wanted to join and said mom I want you, and before I could say anything Lily jumped, off the last step, and was trying to swim under water. Okay, now I’m a good 7-8 feet away running/swimming as fast as I can to get Lily. I finally reach her pull her up and she wiped her eyes off like it was nothing. Now, in my frantically trying to reach Lily, I did see her head come up once and her get a breath of air and go under again but still. I am soooo thankful to God that she was safe, and was actually able to get a breath of air and go back under and swim. I am so thankful that she did not swallow any water at all and I reached her in time before something happened!!! So-So thankful!

I did have a talk with her though and tell her, she CANNOT just go jump and swim. I was so proud of her for swimming and getting a breath and swim some more, that was awesome of her to not panick, but she cannot do that unless mommy is right next to her. She said okay mommy I am sorry. I am not going to scold her for trying to swim to me, or get mad, because she honestly thought she could swim. But instead I tried to lovingly tell her she did great BUT not to do that again! She didn’t do it again (well today at least).

When we came home, got cleaned up and the girls were laying down for a nap, this situation reminded me about how God will keep us from falling. Just like Lily took that leap of faith and jumped, we need to take that leap of faith and jump off. Just like I was there to get Lily BEFORE something bad happened, God will be there to catch you BEFORE you hit the ground. Now he might wait till the last second, or he may catch you before you even jump, BUT he will catch you IF YOU BELIEVE HE WILL. If you Trust in Him with Every fiber of your being, he will catch you! That is just amazingly awesome, in my opinion. I need to be like my Lily and just jump! Do you believe God is going to catch you? If you do, what are you waiting for JUST JUMP!


One thought on “Just Jump and He will catch you

  1. Always remember, in order to trust in the everlasting arms of Jesus; you must be sure you have asked Him into your heart before you jump. To trust and obey, you first have to believe and turn to Him for everything.

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