How awesome is our God


My sister-in-law and her kids came down this weekend to celebrate some birthdays, and when they arrived my husband and I went over to the condo to help her unpack the car. When we finished, we were sitting around talking and I mentioned to her about how my chest gets tight for no reason. Earlier that day when I was reading my book, Lead me Holy Spirit, my chest would get really tight when I would reach certain paragraphs. It is a super tight feeling, like you cannot breathe, but you are breathing fine. It has happened on several other occasions, and only when I’m reading my bible, or Christian book, when I’m praying or when I’m being prayed for. So, I knew it had to be God either telling me to pay attention or something but I wanted her opinion.

Well, on July 29th my husband and I were baptized in the Gulf of Mexico!!! It was a very special time and day for us; it has been a long time coming! While we were standing in the water, and Pastor Wayne was praying over us, I got that really tight feeling in my chest. It was super tight, almost like a panick attack/can’t breathe type thing, but you are breathing fine (like i mentioned earlier). It is a very unusual feeling and as soon as we were dunked in the water it went away. It will go away just as fast and it comes. That is what I told her, and she said “Tiff it is the Holy Spirit.” You are feeling His presence there with you, and to you, that tightness is how you feel Him. On some days He may just being saying, hey I’m here and on others it could be a hey pay closer attention. How awesome that is to know, that while my husband and I were getting baptized the Holy Spirit was standing with us. I can picture Jesus watching over us rejoicing and telling us Yay, way to go! How absolutely fascinating that is.

There are days when I’m I do not know up from down, white from black, it all just seems wrong and I just want a redo and/or fast forward button. But I know now that it is those days that I need to seek the Lord’s face, I need to ignore that wall the enemy wants to put up and keep my eyes on Jesus (look UP NOT DOWN). I was having one of those days on Wednesday and while I was reading my book (mentioned above) that tight feeling came over me when I was reading about the Holy Spirit of truth and lies. It was saying how the enemy will put a spirit of lies in people’s mouths, even prestigious christian me and woman, to make you fall and stumble and it is in those times that you need to Ask for the truth, and the wisdom and revelation to discern the truth. How perfect that passage was to my feeling of the day. How wonderful it is to know that when I’m feeling low the Holy Spirit is there to give me a nudge and say Look up not down!

This year has been a trying year on a variety of different levels. But one thing in for sure that I am growing into a deeper relationship with our Lord and Savior. The more I learn about Him, the more I crave his word.  I want to learn, I have a passion and a desire to learn that I have never had before and I owe it ALL to our Heavenly Father! Following His will and listening to the Holy Spirit is not an easy task, it will have trials and tribulations, but it is the MOST rewarding thing you could Ever do!



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