Fallen but Saved by Grace

I have not written on here in a while, and I do apologize for that. It has been a busy, stressful, trying, happy, joyous, couple of weeks. I had family come into town, playdates, helped out at my church, a wedding, Plus my weekly visits to my mom, and other activities that it seems like the first half of August has been busier than normal for me. I am not used to doing so much and seeing so many people in a short amount of time. Don’t get me wrong this business was great, and it was a new experience for me, but it also opened up my eyes as to how quickly I can fall. How quickly I can put God second or third to life.

Before August, almost every morning I would get up and have my quiet time with the Lord, read a little, and wait for my Lily to wake up. We would make pancakes at least once a week in the morning, and would go for walks and we had a routine down. Of course there were days I would sleep to late and couldn’t have my quiet time, or read, but I still made time to pray. As soon as my world got a little busier everything went out the window. I no longer kept track of what chores Lily did for the day. I no longer could get myself out of bed at 7, and I slept until Lily woke up. I no longer had my quiet time with the Lord or prayed as much and as deep as I did before. I know longer made myself smoothies in the morning or made pancakes with Lily. All of the little things I love doing each day I no longer had the energy to do. As I sit here and think back on how I let just a teeny bit of business create havoc in my life, the sadder I feel. I put life IN FRONT of God and that is NOT what I wanna do. That is not what I intentionally did, I let my old bad habits get in the way of my relationship with the Lord. It just brings me down knowing that, Wow how I let it all slip away.

I will sit on the floor with Lily and explain something to her and how something relates to God. I will tell her how we need to treat people how we want to be treated. I will sit down and read the bible to her before she falls asleep and we will sing kid bible songs. I have not wavered in my trying to teach my daughter about the Lord, but yet I let myself slip away from Him. That just hits me hard right there. How I could expect my daughter to walk in God’s path but yet I can let myself slip. It really opens my eyes as to how EASY it is, as a human, to slip off that road the Lord has paved for us. How easy it is to let the Lord slip to number two, then number 3, and maybe off our top ten.

Direct my footsteps according to your word, let no sin rule over me. Psalm 119:133

But there is a BRIGHT side to all of this. God is waiting with OPEN ARMS for us to say ‘Lord, I’m sorry I have let you slip down out of the number one spot, please forgive me for walking off of your path and please help me get back on and stay there! Thank you lord that I am still here to recognize my ways and come back to you.” Isn’t that just Glorious? That even when we slip a little or all the way to the bottom, that we can turn back and God is waiting with Open Arms to welcome us back. His love for us is so unbelievably magnificent, and I just pray that you truly do know that.

Nothing can ever seperate us from the His love. Romans 8:38

I am thankful that I am able to recognize that I need help, and cannot go about my days Joyfully without the Lords presence. I know with my daughter turning 3 next month, that my life will soon become busier, and I’m thankful I can learn how to put God first NOW, so that I will not waver in the future.

We know how dearly God loves us, and we feel this warm love everywhere. Romans 5:5 


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