Thrilling new Journeys

The past two weeks have been exciting, fun, new, and a little scary! Last week my family and I went to Disney World! My Lily had a blast, well I think we ALL had a blast. Lily got to see all her favorite characters, we ate lunch with the princesses, she got to pick out a couple new stuffed animals, and she got to ride her favorite ride twice. It was a magical experience, and Lily has already asked to go back several times!

When we got home, I signed Lily up for ballet classes! We went and got her ballet clothes yesterday, and she starts classes on Saturday. She was so excited she wanted to wear her ballet outfit all day. I know she will have a blast, especially since she LOVES to dance around the house. My only worry is that she will freak when I or my mom leave her in the classroom. I know as soon as she gets comfortable she will be just fine!

Then on Tuesday I signed up to be an Independent Scentsy Consultant. I was so excited, well still excited to start this journey, learn all I can learn, and get some customers. Today, though, I am not so confident in myself and my ability to be “successful”. In the past I tried to start my own business and it flopped, I know now it was not Gods will for me to do that business, but I don’t this to be another flop. I worry, is this really Gods will or not? I need to pray and ask God for his guidance!!!!!!

Learning how to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit is something I’m working on. I know it says whatever you ask for believe you have received it and it shall be yours. I need to believe. in myself and ask God for his blessing over everything in my family’s life. I need to learn to lean on God and his understanding and not my own. I need to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and what he is saying and not Doubt! I have a lot to learn but I am enjoying this journey filled with JOY!

If any of my readers want to check out my scentsy site, Go Here  and look around!


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