Just Waiting

Somewhere in this crazy world we call life, I missed my turn. Or maybe I decided I wanted to sit on the side lines, in the grass, and watch a bit? Which ever the case, I am not where I need/want/am supposed to be. My flesh has taken over and I am slowly slipping off the track. Slipping down the slope into the valley of darkness. If I do not ask God for help and ask him to catch me and help me get back on the track I am doomed! God WILL catch you when you fall, He is there waiting with his hand, just waiting! Sometimes God might let us fall until we are milliseconds from hitting the bottom but if you Believe and Have Faith in Him, he WILL catch you!He is just waiting.

Even though I have fallen off the track, I have a Savior just waiting to hear me say, God I CANNOT do this alone, I cannot do this on my own, I NEED YOU, plain and simple I NEED YOU! Oh how sweet those words are, I NEED YOU! I confess my sins and pour my heart out to Him, and He comforts me! He lets me know, my child it is okay I am here I have Never left your side, I’ve Just Been Waiting! I believe that God LOVES to hear us say I NEED YOU, because it is True! 100% true, that we cannot do Anything without Him and His Spirit in us!

Is it a slow process getting back on them train tracks. It is not going to happen over night, and some days may be hard and you just feel like sitting down on the grass, but do not be deceived because that grass is no good! That grass is crawling with the enemy and his lies. The grass is crawling with everything that is of the world, and if you were to sit, you would be walking away from God. So, ask God I Need You, I want to sit but I know I should not,  please help me have the perseverance to overcome this and keep on walking!

Through every curve, every obstacle, through everything in life, I will continue to say God I Need you Today and everyday! I need you to be the light to my feet, the path that I follow, I need you to be my everything! Everyday I will say I Need You and I know that I will be okay!


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