Amazing Power of Prayer

In my last post, I wrote about this lady named Peggy, and how she invited me to her small group on Monday so they could pray over me. Yesterday, was the day and wow what a life changing experience! I went not knowing what was going to happen, did not know what to expect, just came with an open mind and knew that I really needed this. I needed this so I can move on and grow deeper in the Lord.

I went in their thinking I was going to be prayed over because I have fear. I did not realize that there was SOOOOO much more to that fear that I never realized. There was oppression around me, fear, and so much more than I thought. The ladies told me things that I knew HAD to come from God, and it just blew me away. It is amazing how God will speak to people and give them bites and pieces into your oppression so that in turn you can confess with your mouth in front of these people to become set free. I went in their with this weight on my shoulders that I got really good at blocking out, and left feeling free and forgiven!

Peggy, shared with me that God showed her a picture and first it was a beautiful ivory crown, with rhinestone and jewels all around it, then the crown got lower and there was my face and I was wearing a beautiful ivory dress. I was standing on stage in front of a crowd, and I was some type of royalty, queen, something of the sort, and God had amazing plans for me. (I hope if you read this Peggy, I am remembering correctly!) I was also told that God is waiting in the light for me, I need to stop doubting myself and letting other people influence me and just LISTEN TO GOD ONLY! I get so far and so close to the light, and then I back-slide and I am back to square one. So, they prayed that I would only be able to hear God’s voice and not the voice of confusion!

I also need to take Lily by the hand and really teach her the bible, teach her to pray, and help her grow in the Lord. I need to take her by the hand and show her everything the Lord wants me/us to do. I praise the Lord that I am a stay at home mom now, so I can teach Lily everything she needs to know, and we can grow in the Lord together.

Today, as I sit back and think about everything that was said and done last night, I am super thankful for each and every one of those ladies, and the one guy Duane that was there also! I am so very thankful to God for everything! Everything! Our God is a wonderful God and can do amazing things if we just BELIEVE!


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