Let Go…


This journey of life, reminds me of a mountain road. There are some scary parts of the road, where you are scared that if you make one little mistake you will fall off the road. Then there are parts of a mountain road that are beautiful and breathtaking. Yet some parts of a mountain road are steep, where you and your car are struggling to stay on the road and make it up over the hill. We are always going through something, walking out of something, or about to go through something. It is how we grow as a person, how we grow in God, and how God refines us to do his work.

The past week, God has been doing a number on me. He has revealed a part of me that needs work. A part of me that needs to forgive and LOVE instead. A part of me that needs to keep trying, even if it feels like the other person(s) don’t care. I care and I need to show God’s love to them. I need to pray instead of complain. I need to keep on trucking, doing what I’m doing and BELIEVE that one day it will be better. I know that if it doesn’t ever get better, at least I am trying and that is what God wants me to do!

It has been, always has been, and will continue to be a struggle. I will never understand what goes through people’s minds, and why some things are done, said, or not done. But you know that is okay, it is not for me to understand. It is not for me to question people’s motives, and “judge” them unfairly. Hmmm…. that word JUDGE. I honestly did not even realize that I am judging unfairly until I wrote that out. How amazing our Lord is, and how he reveals things to us.

I have a bad habit of thinking, that my family is not as important, or my family just does not matter to this person. Every time I say something like that, whether out loud or to myself I am judging them. I do not know people’s motives, or why they do the things they do, but I should not put blame (Judge) on them that should not be there. I need to take my cares to the Lord and Let Go. I need to stop having a tiff pity party and say Thank you Lord that I have a wonderful Loving Family! I need to proclaim things that aren’t as they are! I need to worship our Lord Jesus Christ when I want to complain.

This is another one of those learning curves in the mountain road, but I do know that I am exactly where God wants me to be. I do know that I am growing in my faith and becoming a stronger Christian and that is Glorious. I am on my way to becoming all that God has called me to be and that is the only thing that matters! :)


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